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Equity Broking

Equity Broking

SAL is engaged in servicing the Institutional and Retail segments of the market. Currently the Company is member of the National Stock Exchange Of India Limited in the Cash and Futures & Options Segments.

Institutional Business

The company started its institutional broking services in November 2005. The institutional business caters to a wide range of domestic institutions like – Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds etc. The Company has a strong team of Research Analysts, Technical Analysts and Sales Traders to help our clients in the execution of business. The Company also has an in house research desk which provides reports of understanding on the financial markets on a regular basis. The Company has a well equipped and fully functional modern dealing room, with an equally strong back office team, which is centered at the corporate office in Mumbai. With its dedicated quality services the Company has been steadily increasing its association with the various client groups.

Retail Business

With the success and confidence gained out of servicing its institutional clients the Company has also started catering to the retail segment from 2008. The Company has a dedicated team of relationship managers provide personalised services to the clients. On the electronic platform, the Company currently provides e-broking solutions through ODIN terminals and has plans to start its online internet based trading platform system in the coming future.